Bride Fayo
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Bride blinked seeing the girl sobbing in the car. Silently she knocked on the window despite her urges to run off and just leave the girl. Bride was never… good with people so to speak but this one looked as if she had some serious baggage. 


"You think I’m joking? You just-you don’t have a perception of the amount of hate I feel towards you. You shouldn’t be allowed to walk on the streets…image

"A bit touchy aren’t we?" Bride asked rolling her eyes but a smirk on her lips. The female vampire crossed her arms over her chest and she let her English accent hang in the air with her words. "You are the one who pushed me away Alice not the other way around though." Bride saaid leaning against a light post.



“Aren’t you a little young to be getting into drugs, my dear?” Steven asked, raising an eyebrow at the teenager in front of him.

"I am 18 years old." Bride said using her frozen age rather than her vampire age which would be about 26 in all honesty. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it raising an eyebrow at him. "Aren’t you a little to old to be caring what I do in my spare time?" She retorted back to him letting her English accent fill her words.

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There is a slight frown.  But he kneels down to her, slipping his arms under her smaller frame.  Dummkopf he says under his breath, but the room starts to darken around them.  She might not need medical attention, but she did need rest and regeneration.  Diethelm thinks, though, that the young girl’s mind is still plagued by her mortality.  Sad, really.  

The room is no longer a room, but swirling black smoke.  The elder vampire’s eyes close and they enter the void of shadows that Diethelm walks in.  It’s cold to even their kindred skin and might feel like a tugging to Bride.  A tugging of what her heart might have left.  But it only lasts a few moments until light starts to break into their world of blackness.

The room in which they arrive is decorated lavishly.  Walls are dark and decorated with candles and fine portraits.  There are stone statues that adorn the black and gold veined marble floors.  High ceilings give way to vaulted windows of night and snow outside.  Diethelm wordlessly takes Bride throughout his castle, flashes of gold and amber candles moving behind them.  Chittering of bats and meowings of cats follow them from time to time.  There are other vampire nobles wandering the halls.  

The journey ends in the bath houses.  This area is decorated with grand tiled mosaics and running fresh water.  Steam bubbles up from smaller pools and other have chunks of ice floating about them.  It’s now that Diethelm stops and looks down to the damaged immortal in his arms.  

"We must get you cleaned up, hmm?  And then warm clothes and a meal, if you like~."

Bride did not really pay attention to most of the journey. She was trying to keep from completely and totally passing out in the man’s arms. Even though she had called him for help, Bride was still very wary of the man and did not him still. 

Her eyes wandered from the pools to his face before giving a gentle nod. “Please…” She said in a soft tone and tried to get out of his arms but her muscles screamed in protest. “Damn vampires and wolves.” She said under her beath and looked at her side. Her blackened blood was dripping onto the floor and she groaned. “Damn it..”


His brown eyes lock onto her when she says she can fix his problem. “How?” was all he could say, suddenly interested in what his new assistant had to say, although he wasn’t putting all his cards on the table just yet.

"Do you really think I am going to give away my secrets at the drop of the question ‘why?’?" Bride asked tilting her head to the side. "You see Kozak.. things like this deal with very important and rather crucial things that might take awhile to obtain." She said shrugging and pulling out a cigarette from her briefcase and offering him one. 


The two months time is mostly spent in his own home with his son.  He’d ventured out to seek out more immortals, but it was a frustrating endeavor.  Not many of their kind, it would seem, wanted to be found, nor converse in polite manners.  The whole ordeal makes him distasteful of the entire process.  This particular night, however, is one that he’d spent drinking a nice cup of tea on his bedroom balcony, watching the snow envelope the mountain side.  

It’s a strange feeling, being beckoned such as that.  But he’d said that she could and he wasn’t one to break promises.  The tea is put down and his form shimmers into smoke and blackness, dissipating into the shadows of his room. 


Moments later, energy well spent to exceed the distance of a continent, the kitchen becomes clearer into view from the void in which he walks.  Blackness gives way into dim lights and loud noises of the bustling city once more.  The tiles of the kitchen greet his hard bottomed boots, and he can smell blood in the air.  Immortal blood.  And that young blood he’d met before.  

"Bride." He says using the same disapproving voice of an exacerbated father.  Taking a few steps to her, he wraps an arm around her and looks her up and down, allowing her to lean on him. "This is a right mess…"

Bride felt sick to her stomach once the tall man came to help her. She didn’t dare look at his face but instead looked straight ahead. “Look.. I need medical attention.” She said in a rough voice feeling her mind start to slip into the cold embraces of the dark. 

"Can you please.. just take me to where ever it is you go so that I might be able to breathe and try to rest." Bride was a special type of vampire who did not need sleep.. instead she always felt his energy but that energy could be taken up such as when a human runs for a long time and the out of breath one might feel is what Bride felt at that moment.



"Red is an awesome color. Whether it’s natural or dyed." He grinned. "My sister’s hair is red like mine, but she’s always changing the style or color. Went to a darker red once. And recently she dyed it blonde. Which to me was personally stupid because We already have two blonde siblings. I didn’t need to be the only redhead. But now the red is coming back so she turned it orange with blonde highlights. Which is kind of badass." Red chuckled. "But, um. Yeah! I’ll text you after finding out my schedule tomorrow so we can set up that date."

Bride gave a small nod laughing a bit as well. “I am looking forward to it.” She said nodding to him. “Goodnight.” With that, Bride started to walk away, letting her cigarette smoke linger whereever she went. She was curious about this human and she couldn’t help but feel a little excited for the date.


"Y’know it’s probably now best to test your new boss." he grumbles, his hand tightening it’s grip around the stress ball "Obviously. Genes are what got me into this mess."

Bride smirked. “Obviously but I know how to extract it.” She said simply and leaned back in the chair watching him. “I know many things Kozak.. and I can help you with your little problem.”

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