Bride Fayo

Bride hugged herself as she looked out into the forest. “Pretty isn’t it?” She whispered biting her bottom lip. Her mind went to her family and the female vampire felt alone.. alone and afraid. For the first time in her life, she did not feel as if she had it all together. She wanted nothing more then to feel the sweet embrace of death and let it grow on her.


Connor rolled his eyes and lay back as Bride slammed the door behind her.  This was an odd situation he had gotten himself into.  At the mercy of a vampire.  And bitten by another one.  What possibly could happen to him next?  He may as well try to get some rest while that woman was gone.  Possibly build his strength back up.  He had absorbed a lot of damage after all…..

Connor awoke to find himself in a spacious blue environment.  He gazed around and found that mirrored fragments were all around him…


He noticed that the wounds he had were no longer there as he began to make his way down the area…but there seemed to be no real destination.  The area just…stretched on and on.  

"Is…anyone here?"

Suddenly a whoosh went by him, causing Connor to crouch defensively in response.  He looked up to see an eagle flying in the motionless sky, letting out a cry as it turned, flying right towards him.  As the eagle made impact with his chest, he absorbed it, causing Connor to cry out as a burst of energy circulated throughout his body.  He gazed at one of the mirrored shards and…his eyes here suddenly…blue.

And then Connor awoke with a gasp.  ”Wha….what did that mean?”

Bride walked in right after Connor had his nightmare. She blinked and looked over at him over her right shoulder as she had. “Your dream… interesting.” She said under her breath before turning her attention to the fire in front of her. She had picked up some fire wood o help him fight off the chill even though she had the heat kicked up from her heater. 

Bride’s mind wandered to the meaning and her lips hid a smirk. The blue eyes seemed rather interesting and she knew of a woman who could read dreams as if they were books. 

Slowly standing, Bride turned on her heels and walked over to Connor. She gently pushed down on his shoulders and helped him lay down. “You need to not thrash around unless you want me to smack you silly.” She whispered shaking her head. “It was just a dream.. do not panic.” She said lightly touching his forehead. Her eyebrows furrowed together in a concentrated look. “You are getting yourself sick and you have a slight fever.” Within a few seconds, she had left him, grabbed some medicine, and was back at his side pouring it into a cup. She gently brought it to his lips without a word waiting for him to drink.


"I still think you should have let me burn her, or at the very let yourself drown her" Aiden said as he toyed with the fire in the fireplace, causing flames to move around and dance in front of them. Adrian just shook his head. "Look I don’t like her either but since there’s nothing for her to publicly find, she’ll leave us alone" From there the brothers remained talking for the rest of the night.

On the way home, Bride’s mind racedwith just how she would find out things about the brothers. SHe knew that she would ask around school tomorrow and see what she could p. She knew they had powers and found it entertaining that Aiden tried to scare her with fire. ride smirked at the thought as she lit her thumb on fire and lit her cigarette. Tomorrow would be fun.


He followed her out into the busy streets of New York, keeping his head down to avoid the crowds. It wasn’t that crowds bothered him but considering what they were doing it was best to just blend in and not draw attention. They locked eyes momentarily when she glanced back to check on him. They made there way inside a building up ahead, ready to fix the mess they had gotten into.

Bride’s lips turned up into a smirk as they walked into the building. She took off her hood and shook her hair out of any snow that might have just clung to her hair. She made her way past the security and pulled out the white little card which gave them access to any floor in the building. “Super computer.. top floor.” She hummed swiping the card and the elevator opened. She stepped inisde and let him before the doors closed.


The boys watched her. “I don’t like her. I say you drown her and then I can burn her” Aiden said. Adrian chuckled at the suggestion. “There’s nothing for her to find anyway. As far as she knows you’re just a guy with a cool trick with his eyes, so let her dig, the only thing she’ll find is that we’re rich and that our parents were too. Trust me they set us up for the modern world pretty well.” Aiden just sighed. “Alright fine, best way to get my mind off it? grab the prettiest girl around and have some alone time. See you around, brother” With that the brothers parted ways

Bride had found nothing on the computer or anthing in the school files so she gave up. She casually moved away from the computer and went to her apartment just a few locks away. Drinks.. drinks sounded good. She ran in and changed for a long night of partying and drinking. 
Bride hit up the clubs and enjoyed the attention she got. All men loved a girl with ice blue eyes and long flaming red and black hair. She enjoyed the attention and usually cause manage to steal a few bucks here and there when she could.


"Suuure you are" Aidan teased. That was the stupidest thing he ever heard. He was a son of fire,like she was even powerful enough to even try anything with him. Adrian didn’t like her either. "Well in that case you’re blocking my locker so could you move?"

Bride shrugged and moved away form the locker. She turned on her heels and began to walk down the hallway before turning and blowing a kiss to Aidan. “Kiss my ass.” She said before walking away. 

Bride had found herself in the principle’s office just shortly after that. The man was goine, probably with one of his many high school lovers in the projection room but hey who was she to care? Bride had the lovely power to read minds and to control fire so if he was to come back in.. Bride could handle it. She sat behind the computer and pursed her lips. She needed to find out just what these men were. Were they like her was the bigger question Bride wanted to know.

Bride was a lab rat so to speak when the Doctors pulled her in. She had surgery to look different and given the power of fire, they also strengthened her mind reading powers. Bride could sit in a room and hear what is on every single mind and remember it. She can also read a mind from 4 miles away. She was trained to be an assassin and when she got out, she had nothing until just a few weeks ago she had been approached by someone who wanted information on these boys so she thought why not. 

"Good pay." Bride breathed and the only sound was the sound of the keyboard as she typed hacking into the files.

You used to be thirsty for me
But now you wanna be set free
This is the web, web that you weave
So baby now rest in peace (It’s all over with now)
I’m gonna love ya
Until you hate me (Right)
And I’m gonna show ya (Show ‘em what show ‘em what)
What’s really crazy
You should’ve known better
Than to mess with me, honey (it’s all over with now)
I’m gonna love ya, I’m gonna love ya
Gonna love ya, gonna love ya
Like a black widow, baby
Black Widow by Iggy Azalea


This song perfectly describes Bride. If y’all listen to it.. it screams Bride’s emotions towards those who screwed her over.

Tiny Hand